Delawares Eyewear Designer Headquarters. Are Your Speces A Mess?!

Delawares Designer Eyewear Headquarters. Are Your Specs A Mess?!

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Sports-related eye injuries

While playing sports, your eyes can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Between arms, feet, hands, and getting hit by the ball during the game, there are generally many opportunities for an eye injury.


A proper pair of athletic eyewear can help protect your valuable eyes from injury and damage while you enjoy your favorite pastime.

Designed for active individuals

Prescription athletic eyewear is specially designed for adults and kids who lead an active lifestyle. They offer great protection and vision correction, while providing a great look and style.

Enhance your game

Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete, our line of athletic eyewear can help you enhance your game and look good while doing it. Our eyewear includes frames for golfing, biking, racquet sports, boating, and more.

We carry the newest lenses for your game. Our specially tinted lenses maximize visual needs and offers a clear peripheral zone.

Call us to find out about our line of stylish athletic eyewear.



Crystal clear vision

With our athletic eyewear you can have crystal clear vision while still protecting your eyes from elbows, hands, or that errant golf ball. Come in today to see what we offer.

Your eyes need protection during rough sports.

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