Delawares Eyewear Designer Headquarters. Are Your Speces A Mess?!

Delawares Designer Eyewear Headquarters. Are Your Specs A Mess?!

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Eye protection when you need it

Regardless of what type of job you have, safety glasses are often needed to protect your eyes from dust, chemicals, or other debris. We can help you protect your most valuable asset.  Thousands of people each year receive on-the-job injuries.  A proper pair of safety glasses can prevent most of them.


We carry a range of safety glasses approved by OSHA that can be of use while plumbing, construction, welding, and many other environments. Brands include Liberty and Wolverine.

The need for eye protection

OSHA estimates that every year, over 70,000 people in the United States injure their eyes on the job. With the proper protection, up to 90 percent of those injuries could be avoided.

Maintaining vision safely

The need to be safe doesn't mean you have to forego your vision. With our prescription safety glasses, you can still maintain your vision while at the same time protecting your eyes from environmental hazards.

Business Accounts Welcome!


Establish an account for your company to ensure OSHA safety standard glasses are met for your employees.  Call 302-654-7425 or stop in today for details.  



Contact us to find out about our line of OSHA approved safety glasses.



What are safety glasses?

Safety glasses are considered alternative to normal eyewear that provide added protection for your eyes. Generally made of a much stronger material than traditional glasses, they work to keep debris and objects out of the eyes.

Protect your eyes with OSHA approved safety glasses.

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